Polášek and Vlasák 64 JT
EG  Study Tournament

24. 11. 2021

Polášek and Vlasák 64 JT

C  2021-05-22

The Czech Chess Association and the Československý šach magazine announce an international EG study tournament.
Judges: Jaroslav Polášek and Emil Vlasák celebrating his 64th birthday.
Free theme, the judges are ready to grant special awards for development of themes and ideas.

Final award

First of all, we thank all the congratulators who have contributed to our jubilee tournament.
In total, there were 50 studies from 35 authors from 19 countries.

Thanks also go to the sponsors: Šachový svaz České republiky (The Czech Chess Association)
and the Československý šach magazine.

List of honours

The main section

1st Prize 120 EUR Martin Minski, GER  
2nd – 3rd Prize 105 EUR   Oleg Pervakov, RUS  
2nd – 3rd Prize 105 EUR   Sune Tallaksen Østmoe, NOR  
4th Prize 90 EUR   Yuri Bazlov, RUS  
5th Prize 80 EUR   Luděk Sedlák, CZE  
1st honourable mention   Pavel Arestov, RUS  Petr Kiryakov, RUS  
2nd – 3rd honourable mention   Michal Hlinka, SVK  Ľuboš Kekely, SVK  
2nd – 3rd honourable mention   Daniele Gatti, ITA  
4th honourable mention   Michal Hlinka, SVK  Ľuboš Kekely, SVK  
5th honourable mention    Jan Sprenger, ITA  
6th honourable mention    Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen, DNK  
7th honourable mention    Marek Halski, POL  
1st commendation   Luis Miguel González, ESP  
2nd commendation   Luděk Sedlák, CZE  
3rd commendation   Yochanan Afek, ISR/NED  
4th commendation   Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen, DNK  
5th commendation   Itay Richardson, ISR  
6th commendation   Alexey Gasparyan, ARM  

Development of ideas  

1st special Prize 70 EUR Michael Pasman, ISR  
1st special honourable mention   Sergey Osintsev, RUS
2nd special honourable mention Alexander Stavrietsky, RUS  Vladislav Tarasiuk, UKR
3rd special honourable mention   Martin Minski, GER  Jan Sprenger, ITA
1st special commendation David Gurgenidze, GEO
2nd special commendation Stanislav Nosek, CZE

Full text and studies

English version
English PDF
Replay and download PGN

Czech version
Award PDF
from Československý šach 9/2021 (September, part 1) and Československý šach 10/2021 (October, part 2)
Československý šach study column general link

Announcement and Entries
Preliminary award

Jaroslav Polášek (left) and Emil Vlasák (right) with old friend Michal Hlinka (center) in Prague 2018 


Yochanan Afek (on the left) with the help of GM Ján Plachetka (on the right) is trying to solve the study composed by Luděk Sedlák (standing).
The day before Luděk had lost an instructive dragon game to Yochanan – but in Polášek Vlasák 64 JT Sedlák unexpectedly revenged himself by placing higher.