05. 03. 2021

SEE and VisualSee

See (Syzygy EndGame Explorer) by Árpád Rusz is software for mining Syzygy EGTB.

New version 0.3 with a huge manual with interesting examples. 

VisualSee by Emil Vlasák is a GUI for See 0.3.
Arpad updated the palette with instructions, thanks. 

You can download both for free, but remember it is beta version with bugs.

I tried to solve old known chess puzzle:
White has only a single king. Black has 3 pawns, un-doubled.
Black is on move and yet he can't win. 

My See script
[Tablebase "Kkppp"]
[OutputTXT "result.txt"]
[Position "1"]
[Piece3 "fileG"]
[Piece4 "fileE"]
[Piece5 "fileH"]
[SideToMove "black"]
[Eval "draw"]