Polášek and Vlasák 60 JT
EG  Study Tournament

29. 10. 2017

Polášek a Vlasák 60 JT

C  2017-03-30

The Czech Chess Federation and the Československý šach magazine announce an international EG study tournament.
Judges: Jaroslav Polášek and Emil Vlasák celebrating his 60th birthday.

Free theme, the judges are ready to grant special awards for development of themes and ideas.

Send originals (max 3 pieces per composer) till March 30th 2017 to the tournament director Emil Vlasák emil@vlasak.biz with CC to jaroslav.polasek@brouzdej.net
Prize fund  10 000 Kč (about 400 EUR). 

Preliminary Award

Czech version
from Československý šach 5/2017 (May 19th, part 1) and Československý šach 6/2017 (June 20th, part 2)
Československý šach study column 
Československý šach PDF

English version
English PDF
Replay and download PGN

Protests till 30th September 2017
to emil@vlasak.biz  with CC to jaroslav.polasek@brouzdej.net

Final Award

We have got no protests during the confirmation period, so the Final award is in principle the same as the Preliminary award.  
Final award PDF download.
We have only added a Cash Prizes table.

1st Prize Yuri Bazlov, RUS 100 EUR
2nd Prize David Gurgenidze, GEO & Martin Minski, GER  90 EUR
3rd Prize Yuri Bazlov, RUS & Vitaly Kovalenko, RUS  70 EUR
4th Prize Árpád Rusz, ROU  40 EUR
5th Prize Michal Hlinka, SVK & Ľuboš Kekely, SVK  30 EUR
Special Prize Gady Costeff, USA/ISR  70 EUR
Special Prize Jan Timman, NLD  70 EUR

All Prizes are paid, The tournament is closed.