17. 10. 2017

CQL5 quick overview

CQL5 (Chess Query Language) is both
- software engine for searching in chess databases, specialized for EG studies
- a special query language for this purpose

CQL runs now on 64bit Windows only

CQL was developed by Gady Costeff and Lewis Stiller.
It is copyright (c) 2003-2017 and is free.
It uses SCID code by Shane Hudson to parse PGN files.

Download and documentation http://www.gadycosteff.com/cql/

VisualCQL5 quick overview

VisualCQL5 is a user-friendly Windows IDE allowing to run CQL engine without using a command line interface.
It has also several features to accelerate and ease the whole working process.

VisualCQL5 was developed by Emil Vlasak and it is free after e-mail registration.
Anonymous download is no more available.

VisualCQL registerd users:  Gady Costeff, Harold van der Heijden, Tim Krabbé, John Beasley, Jaroslav Polášek,
Guy Haworth, Iuri Akobia, Lewis Stiller, Ron Landsbergen, Cornel Pacurar, Piet Peelen, Karl Prendergast, Ernst Wasl,
Arpad Rusz, Charles W. Browne, Han Bükülmez, David Dahlem, Germàn Antonio De Leon, David Smerdon, Roland Ott,
Albrecht Schmidt, John Dodgson.

VisualCQL5 registered users: Gady Costeff, Lewis Stiller, Harold van der Heijden, Jaroslav Polášek, Michael Sharpe, Carlos Arturo Rangel Collazos, Árpád Rusz.

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