King under Fritz
new OPK utility
as Windows Script Host

To run King under ChessBase, you need the whole mechanismus of chained convertors with InBetween. See .

OPK utility only automates this starting process.

Maybe you have my old OPK utility (OPK.BAT + OPK.EXE). It can be still downloaded here.

But it probably doesn't work correctly under Windows XP.
I have also noticed some other problems they cannot be solved on place, because the OPK.EXE file is not editable.

So here is the new version written in Visual Basic Script - download it.
The utlilty is now one compact editable file OPK.VBS. Edit it as text and run it as BAT.
First edit path and file names.


You can also use the new Malin convertor .
It's enough to change InBetween.ini to Wb2Uci.eng -

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Yours Emil Vlasak