Moderný šach 2009 /Modern Chess 2009
Studiový turnaj /EG Study Tournament

30. 1. 2010

Pracovní list /Working page

Došlé zásilky /Received

number true num date author wK/bK remark
01 18.05. Alain Pallier, FRA Kf4/Kb5 cooked, removed by the author
02 01 24.05. Alain Pallier, FRA Ke5/Kd2 seems to be sound
03 27.05 János Mikitovics, HUN Kb7/Ka1 cancelled by the author
04 30.05. János Mikitovics, HUN Kf1/Kc5 seems to be sound, improved as 33
05 02 31.05. János Mikitovics, HUN Ke5/Kh5 4 positions 21.09. 2 positions cancelled, only 2 postions now
06 01.06. János Mikitovics, HUN Kb6/Kf7 removed by the author
07 03 06.06. Jaroslav Pospíšil, CZE Kd3/Kh7 seems to be sound
08 04 06.06 Gerhard Josten, GER  Ka5/Ka7 seems to be sound
09 05 06.06 Gerhard Josten, GER  Kf8/Kd7 seems to be sound
10 11.06. Michal Hlinka, Luboš Kekely, SVK Kh2/Kf7 cooked, removed by authors
11 12.06. Alain Pallier, FRA Kf4/Kc4 cooked, removed by the author
12 06 21.06. Michal Hlinka, Luboš Kekely, SVK Kh1/Kf7 seems to be sound
13 07 29.06. János Mikitovics, HUN,
Iuri Akobia, GEO
Kc3/Ka3 deep testing
14 08 16.08. Alain Pallier, FRA Kf5/Kd5 seems to be sound
15 19.08. Hernán López Winne, ARG Ke2/Kh2 unsound, several other ways to draw
16 09 20.08. Guenter Amann, AUT Kh1/Kb8 seems to be sound
17 10 20.08 Guenter Amann, AUT Kg3/Kf6 seems to be sound
18 04.09. Michal Hlinka, Luboš Kekely, SVK Kd7/Ka5 unsound, removed
19 11 09.09. János Mikitovics, HUN,
Iuri Akobia, GEO
Kc4/Ke1 seems to be sound
20 12 10.09. Michal Hlinka, Luboš Kekely, SVK Kf4/Kh4 seems to be sound
21 13 12.09. Iuri Akobia, GEO Ka5/Kd1 seems to be sound
22 14 13.09. Marco Campioli, ITA Kd3/Kd1 seems to be sound
23 14.09. Daniel Keith, FRA Kf5/Kb5 cooked, removed by the author 
24 15 16.09. Ilham Aliev, AZE Kf8/Kh7 seems to be sound
25 16 18.09. Luis Miguel González, ESP Kf6/Kg8 deep testing
26 17 23.09. Daniel Keith, FRA Kd5/Kb6 seems to be sound
27 18 23.09. Sergey Didukh, UKR Ke2/Ka6 seems to be sound
28 19 29.09. Richard Becker, USA Kh8/Kb7 seems to be sound
29 20 29.09. Jaroslav Pospíšil, CZE Kc1/Kg6 deep testing
30 21 29.09. Jaroslav Pospíšil, CZE Kf7/Ke5 seems to be sound
31 22 29.09. David Gurgenidze, GEO
Velimir Kalandadze, GEO
Ka3/Kf7 seems to be sound
32 23 29.09. David Gurgenidze, GEO Kf8/Ka8 seems to be sound
33 24 30.09. János Mikitovics, HUN Kf1/Kd6 twin, seems to be sound
34 25 30.09. Jaroslav Polášek, CZE Kc8/Ke7 seems to be sound
35 26 30.09. Jaroslav Polášek, CZE Kh5/Ka7 seems to be sound
36 27 30.09. Jaroslav Polášek, CZE Kb7/Ka3 seems to be sound

Zasílací lhůta skončila /The tournament is closed now

Provisional award

1st Prize 35 EUR Jaroslav Pospíšil, Czech Republic
2nd –3rd Prize 30 EUR Günter Amann, Austria
2nd –3rd Prize 30 EUR  Michal Hlinka and Ľuboš Kekely, Slovakia
Special Prize 25  EUR Jaroslav Pospíšil, Czech Republic
1st  Honourable mention Daniel Keith, France
2nd  Honourable mention Sergej Diduch, Ukraine
3rd  Honourable mention David Gurgenidze, Georgia
4th  Honourable mention Jaroslav Polášek, Czech Republic
5th  Honourable mention Günter Amann, Austria
6th  Honourable mention Michal Hlinka and Ľuboš Kekely, Slovakia
7th  Honourable mention Gerhard Josten, Germany
Special Honourable mention Luis Miguel Gonzáles, Spain
1st  Commendation Jaroslav Polášek, Czech Republic
2nd  Commendation Jaroslav Pospíšil, Czech Republic
3rd  Commendation  Iuri Akobia, Georgia
4th  Commendation Alain Pallier, France
5th  Commendation  János Mikitovics, Hungary
6th  Commendation  Gerhard Josten, Germany
7th  Commendation  Ilham Aliev, Azerbaijan
Special Commendation  Richard Becker, USA
Special Commendation  David Gurgenidze and Velimir Kalandadze, Georgia

Námitky proti tomuto rozhodnutí zašlete do 25. 1. 2010 na s kopií na
This award is provisional,  protests mail till 25th January 2010 to with a carbon copy to  

Ústí nad Labem  25. 11. 2009 /November 25th 2009
Emil Vlasák,  rozhodčí /judge

Protests, notes

date from text judge
26.11.09 Daniel Keith The Grin study is certainly (not probably) cooked.
Daniel corrected it, the white pawn on g2 or g3 is the stusy'soul.
Sorry, in the Czech version there is not the word "probably", but in English I have forgot to remove it. It will be corrected in the final text with the information about Daniel's correction of the Grin.
1.12.09 Jaroslav Polášek The Kok study is unsound because of 7...Kg7! It will be added in the final text, but it has no influence on ranking.
The Kok study was the most clear and methodic illustration of the fact, the part of combination is known.
Jaroslav self gives a Melnichenko's study as a source of inspiration.
13.12.09 Ioannis Garoufalidis
I tried the first Prize in Deep Rybka 3.0
It seems that 5.Ke6 ! is a good move !!!!
1. Bb2+ Kd6 2. Ba3+ Kc6 3. Nxa8 Kb7 4. Bc5 Nc8 5. Ke6! Kxa8 6. Be3 Kb7 7. Kd7 Kb8 8. Bd4 Ka8 9. Kc7 Ne7 10. Bf6 Nf5 11. c5 Ne3 12. c6 Nd5+ 13. Kd8 Kb8 14.Be5+ Ka7 15. Kd7 Ka6 16. Bd4 Kb5 17. Kd6 Ne7 18. c7 Nf5+ 19. Kd7 Nxd4 20. c8=Q Kb4 21. Kd6 Nb5+ 22. Kd5 Nc3+ 23. Kd4 Nb5+ 24. Kd3 Ka4 25. Qa6+ Kb4 26. Qb6 Ka4
27. Kc4 Na3+ 28. Kc5 Nb5 29. Qxb5+ Ka3 30. Qb1 Ka4 31. Qa2#

The simplest way to draw in your analysis is
13...Nb4 14.c7 Nc6+ 15.Kd7 Na7 16.Bd4 Nc8!.
Rybka is not a big authority in endgames.
Install Tablebases to improve Rybka or use online Tablebases
21.12.09 Harold van der Heijden

This is to inform you that, unfortunately, the first prize winner (Pospisil f7e5) already appeared as an original in Problem Forum no. 30, June 2007, as diagram no.76.

23.12.09 Jaroslav Pospíšil In 2006 I have been sent to Mr. Seidel 3 original studies for his column in Europa-Rochade, also Kf7-Ke5. 
Mr. Seidel published  in Europa-Rochade only one study (Kh6-Ka6) and he sent me the column with this study.
There was no other contact with Mr. Seidel. 
I have no info about publishing Kf7-Ke5.
I don’t know Problem-Forum.
23.12.09 Harold van der Heijden
Richard Fischl, Prague
Manfred Seidel died on February 28th 2008 on leukemia.
This explains some of the story.
Unfortunately the study has to be excluded.
The dying editor of Problem Forum probably could not finish his work.